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P1000363My bicycle trip across the US starts sometime in Spring 2013 when the weather is warmer. While waiting I'll spend the Winter in the Caribbean backpacking around the Northern Islands from Antigua & Barbuda in the East to Cayman islands in the West, c.f. my preliminary itinerary. The other Caribbean islands from Guadeloupe and South I visited as part of a round-the-world trip in 2008-09 (see separate description – text only in Danish).

I'll try and visit as many islands as possible but it depends on how things develop. The Caribbean infrastructure is not very developed with few possibilities of getting between different islands and few departures where they go - and transport is also quite expensive because there's little competition. At the same time it's a challenge travelling alone as cost is about the same being one or more people (accommodation, car rental, etc.) and as affordable options are limited I have to plan 8-10 days ahead which is not my preferred way of travelling. As a consequence I'll try and do many islands before the high season kicks in around 1 December and then take a longer stay somewhere over X-mas and New Year where everything gets really busy and crowded. If there is excess time I might go to Central America – time will tell.....


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