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I'm currently back in Anchorage, Alaska soon heading north towards Denali National Park and Fairbanks and later through Canada back to Seattle. Since I left San Francisco mid May I have bicycled up to Seattle and after flying to Anchorage I have done a loop around Southern Alaska - in total 3,000k (1,875 miles). Along the way I stayed 2 weeks with friends of a friend in Seattle and lots of people I met along the way.

The ride from San Francisco to Seattle was a bit challenging being hilly and always with a strong headwind - especially because I was out of shape and (on purpose) overweight. It was a beautiful ride along the rugged and mostly desolate coastline and through countryside and forest including the redwoods in northern California. My ride around southern Alaska has been even more spectacular providing beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers/creeks from below and high above. Along the way I have met people who have taken me out hiking, sea kayaking, canoeing and fishing and I have been lucky too see a lot of wildlife - whales, seals, a bear with a cub, hundreds of eagles, many moose, salmon in the rivers, sea and river otters, etc.

Up the westcoast the roads were generally in good condition because I rode highways 1 and 101 and in Alaska the roads have been better than expected despite the many cracks on the shoulders and occationally having to ride gravel roads. In general I have been lucky with the weather - the first week on the westcoast was almost too hot while the second was mostly overcast and sometimes rainy. And in southern Alaska most days have been sunny with limited rain which is unusual here.... To no surprise I'm still cursed by headwind riding north on the westcoast but also in Alaska no matter what direction I bike (!?).

Along the way I have been fortuante to see many incredible things and still people have been the great experience – amazing and overwhelming friendliness, kindness, generousity and interest. Thank you to everybody I have met along the way and particularly those who let me stay overnight – you have enriched my trip and my life and I'll never forget you; these experiences alone made this trip worth taking.

You can read much more and enjoy countless pictures/videos on my homepage:

Navigate through my travel description “North America 2014” at the top of the dark blue menu bar on the left. You are of course most welcome to write in my guestbook and/or send me a personal message as well as referring people you think might be interested to my homepage - see options at the bottom of this mail.

I wish you and your family all the best - may you be as happy and fortunate in life as I am.

Best regards, Michael


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