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I'm currently visiting a friend in Cornwall a bit west of Montreal in Ontario, Canada. I left Florida mid March and bicycled up the US east coast passing through 18 states – estimated 4,200k (2,700 miles) in 5 weeks of bicycling. The rest of the time I have stayed with friends and couchsurfed including a 5-day trip to Bermuda.


It's been an interesting and diverse trip until now taking me through mountains and valleys, small villages and big cities, forests and countryside – fortunate to follow the late Spring with blooming trees and flowers north from Washington DC all the way up through New England. Along the way I've survived a near-death incident with a pick-up truck and some crazy weather - everything from torrential rain, thunderstorms, snow/hail and freezing temperatures to sunny days of 27C (80F).... though always cursed by headwind no matter what direction I'm going. And still I feel priviledged since most days have been dry.


I've experienced some of the many contrasts in the US society: south/north, rich/poor as well as more/less educated, religious and open-minded people, but everywhere I've been met with friendliness, helpfulness and hospitality – far from the image that many foreigners and Americans have, believing the one-sided, negative media stories are everyday life.


You can read much more and enjoy countless pictures on my homepage:


Navigate through my travel description “USA 2013” at the top of the dark blue menu bar on the left. You're of course most welcome to write in my guestbook and/or send me a personal message as well as referring people you think might be interested to my homepage - see options at the bottom of this mail.

In a couple of days I start bicycling west between lakes Ontario and Erie towards the Rocky Mountains – much more about that later.


I wish you and your family all the best - may you be as happy and fortunate in life as I am.


Best regards, Michael



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