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My homepage is updated


I have now been backpacking around the Caribbean for 2 months visiting 11 “countries” and 14 islands, so it seems appropriate to publish some news on my homepage – if you live in the northern hemisphere the timing should be extra good allowing you to spend some time during the X-mas holidays escaping the cold and dark Winter. I have experienced a lot and met countless hospitable and friendly people – and considering it's off-season I have been very privileged with the weather – (limited rain and usually 30-35 degrees Celsius).

On my homepage navigate through my travel descriptions “Caribbean 2012/13” via the dark blue menu bar on the left. You're off course most welcome to write in my guestbook and/or send me a personal message as well as referring people you think might be interested to my homepage.

I have spent the last week in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and tomorrow I travel to the South-west. In a few days I'll cross the border to Haiti volunteering for 4-6 weeks in a “sustainable food and tree-planting project” with a local community before travelling around the country for some weeks – much more about that later.

I wish you and your family a merry X-mas & a happy and prosperous New Year 2013 - may you be as fortunate and happy in life as I am.

Best regards Michael  |  Michael  |  Around the World