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I'm currently in central Utah heading south towards Grand Canyon, Arizona. Since I left Cornwall in Ontario, Canada, late May I have bicycled across the Great Plains to Yellowstone in Wyoming and then south to Utah passing through 10 states of which 2 were repetitions. 4,700k (2,950 miles) in 4½ weeks of bicycling - the rest of the time I have stayed with a friend of a friend and people I have met along the way.

The first half across the plains until Black Hills in South Dakota was fairly flat and therefore an easy ride had it not been for the always strong headwind. On this half the nature was fairly similar most of the way – farmland, forests, rivers and creeks – nice without being breathtaking and over time quite monotonous. The ride from Black Hills to Utah was more spectacular providing beautiful views of mountains, gorges, valleys and rivers from below and high above. Along the way I have penetrated countless mountain ranges – the highest pass being 3.280 metres (10.759 feet).

Some roads were good but riding primarily in the countryside (to where less money is allocated) I've struggled with many poor roads and a lot of gravel paths. The weather has been very diverse riding through everything from torrential rain, thunderstorms, hail to sunny days of 37C (100F) in the shade.... and still I'm cursed by headwind riding west and now south. Despite all this I feel priviledged since most days have been dry and warm.

Along the way I've seen many incredible things and still people have been the great experience – amazing and overwhelming friendliness, kindness, generousity and interest.Thank you to everybody I have met along the way and particularly those who let me stay overnight – you have enriched my trip and my life and I'll never forget you; these experiences alone made this trip worth taking.

You can read much more and enjoy countless pictures/videos on my homepage:

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When you read this I'm on my way south towards Grand Canyon on the way visiting national parks Bryce and Zion. After that I hope to survive riding through the 50C (122F) deserts towards California ending up in San Francisco where I'm storing the bike for the Winter while backpacking around South America – much more about that later.

I wish you and your family all the best - may you be as happy and fortunate in life as I am.

Best regards, Michael



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